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As a parent, it is your sole responsibility to protect and look after the well being of your children. When a marriage ends in divorce the parents still have a financial responsibility to provide for their children's needs. At the Garcia Law Group, we represent parents who are seeking to protect their children’s futures as well as their own. Let us help you understand your options in a child support case – we are here for you! At the Garcia Law Office, we provide comprehensive and customized legal guidance regarding the establishment of child support. Whether you are seeking child support or you want to protect yourself from paying more than your obligation, we have the knowledge to assist you in reaching a fair resolution efficiently and cost-effectively.

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How is Child Support Determined in The State of Texas?

The Texas Family Code determines the amount of child support based upon the net financial resources of the parent who is obligated to pay, also referred to as the obligor. If the obligor has children from only one relationship, the amount of support paid will be calculated based on a percentage of the obligor's net income and the number of children they have:

  • One child: 20%

  • Two children: 25%

  • Three children: 30%

  • Four children: 35%

  • Five or more children: 40%

If the obligor has children from other relationships, calculating the amount of child support becomes more complex and will involve other considerations. There are additional factors that the court may consider when determining child support payments, based on the guidelines in Family Code Chapter 154.123. Some of the other factors the judge may consider include:

  • The ability of both parents to financially support the child

  • Any financial resources that are available to support the child

  • Each parent’s amount of time spent with access to the child. The child’s age and personal/physical needs

  • The amount of alimony or spousal support being paid or received by either parent

  • Cost of child care expenses incurred by either parent in order to maintain employment

While the judge will consider the circumstances of the parents, the court's main concern is protecting the best interests of the child. Our Pearland TX team of child support attorneys are known for providing clients with outstanding representation in a wide range of cases. No matter what the circumstances of your case are, you can be confident that we have the knowledge and experience needed to fight for the best possible outcome. Call the Garcia Law Office now to schedule a consultation with a trusted family law attorney in Pearland, TX.