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Workplace Injury Attorney in Pearland & Houston, Texas

Find Out If You Qualify for Workers’ Compensation

Consult a Workplace Injury Attorney in Pearland & Houston, TX

Every workplace should be a safe environment. If you were injured at work, you need a workplace injury attorney to provide legal guidance. Speaking up after an injury can be difficult, but you have rights as an employee. Reach out to The Garcia Law Office to consult a workplace injury attorney in Pearland, TX.

You could have a case for workers’ compensation if you were injured at work or while performing work-related tasks. Talk to a workers’ compensation attorney about your situation. Attorney Angela Garcia will review all of the facts and build a strong case. She’ll do her best to reach a positive resolution.

Call The Garcia Law Office now to schedule your free consultation with a workers’ compensation attorney.

Get Compensation For Your Injuries

Injured on a Construction Site?

The Garcia Law Office represents construction workers who have sustained work-related injuries. Call a construction injury attorney in Pearland, TX today if you’ve been hurt on a construction site. Construction injuries could include:

  • Electrocution

  • Heavy machinery accidents

  • Construction vehicle accidents

Attorney Angela Garcia also works with oil field workers. Contact her office today if you need to consult an oil field or construction injury attorney in Pearland, TX.